12 Doctor Who Tattoos

Members of the Doctor Who fandom express our enthusiasm in so many ways. If you’re into inking your body, then these 12 Doctor Who tattoos will definitely serve as inspiration. As the Day of the Doctor draws nearer, I am sure you’re feeling the intensity even more. Feed that feeling with these awesome works of art.

The TARDIS/Everyone is important

TARDIS Important 12 Doctor Who Tattoos

A Dalek among roses

Daleks Rose 12 Doctor Who Tattoos

Your very own sonic screwdriver

Sonic 470x352 12 Doctor Who Tattoos
I paid quite a bit for my own 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, but I wonder how much this sonic screwdrive cost?

Daleks all around

 12 Doctor Who Tattoos
What better way to remember an epic battle involving a Daleks invasion? As if anyone could forget that! This tatt sleeve will definitely make any Doctor Who fan envious.

Don’t blink!

 12 Doctor Who Tattoos
No Doctor conversation is complete without the scariest angels ever.

900 years of time and space…

900 470x628 12 Doctor Who Tattoos
I’m not sure about the placement, but this line is just precious.

The Ponds

Ponds 470x540 12 Doctor Who Tattoos
We all have our favorite companions, but the Ponds are hard to match, aren’t they?

I’m a Time Lord.

time lord 470x467 12 Doctor Who Tattoos

Bad Wolf

bad wolf 470x470 12 Doctor Who Tattoos
No caption necessary!


Crack 470x310 12 Doctor Who Tattoos


allonsy 470x352 12 Doctor Who Tattoos

We’re all stories…

stories 470x352 12 Doctor Who Tattoos
Another unforgettable line. And then some.

I’ve only chosen to include 12 in this post, but there are countless more Doctor Who tattoos out there. If you have a tattoo that you would like to share with us, leave a link of the photo in the comments, and I’ll update this post. Thanks!

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fgks banners 11 12 Doctor Who Tattoos

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  1. Elizabeth says:
  2. Billie Wilson says:

    Hi, these tattoos are fantastic! :)
    Thought I’d share mine – I have two, one is the ‘stories’ quote in ‘FutureTimeSplitter’ font (thought that was appropriate!) and the other is the mark of the Corsair. Ooh, she was a bad girl… :D

  3. Linley Marcum says:
  4. Absolutely love all of these. Here is mine! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201396833466123&l=b9574e8843
    It says “One may tolerate a world of demons, for the sake of an angel” in Galifreyan. A quote from the episode “Girl in the Fireplace.”

  5. These are all so beautiful! I’ve got “I Create Myself” in Circular Gallifreyan on the inside of my left wrist: http://tinyurl.com/k9oveyh

  6. My sleeve of the 11 Doctors…room to add War Doctor and Capaldi.


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