Disney Fairy Tale Ending Reality Check

Who goes to see Disney movies (and other fairy tale movies for that matter) for the good feels? I think that pretty much describes 90% of the population. (That’s just like any other stat you find online today, by the way.)

There are fairy tales, and there is real life, though; and while some of you may already know how the Brothers Grimm (and all the other original writers) really wrote those stories, here’s a nifty graphic to give you a dose of reality check on a Monday.

Thanks for the warm, fuzzy feels, Disney, but let’s start the week real, shall we?

True Ending Disney Fairy Tale Ending Reality Check


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  1. Not really an “ending”, but in the original version of Pinocchio, at one point Pinocchio gets so mad at the talking cricket that he kills the cricket with a hammer.

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