The Next Star Wars: the Dragoon Universe

FOREVERGEEKgreencolt 2 470x313 The Next Star Wars: the Dragoon Universe Growing up as the youngest child certainly has an effect on you. For me, it meant spending a lot of time by myself as my siblings matured into adolescence and no longer had time for cartoons or action figures (I know, blasphemy).  Frequently left to my own devices, you can imagine my excitement when I began formulating the ground level of my very own science fiction universe.  I never could have guessed what a big part of my life it would become.

High school was the next evolution for this world.  Taking input from close friends, I returned to those childhood concepts and began fleshing them out, building a more cohesive vision about which I would eventually spend countless hours writing short stories.  This creative writing is what helped me expand the universe even more, and as I grew older, so did the complexity of what I had created.  The whole concept eventually formulated into the Dragoon Universe.

The Dragoon Universe takes place hundreds of years into the future, where humanity’s hubris and foolishness have resulted in a self-induced apocalypse.  As humanity struggles to claw its way out of the dark ages, two new races emerge, each vying to shepherd us into a better tomorrow.

On the one side, there are the Guardians: fifteen-foot sentient war machines. Their overtly logical mannerisms make it hard for us to bond with them.

The other side is the Dragoons: bio-engineered super-soldiers. Their entire existence revolves upon martial perfection.

Our odds aren’t great, but the chances of survival on our own are worse.

FOREVERGEEKDakota 470x313 The Next Star Wars: the Dragoon Universe

At the very core, the Dragoon Universe is a story of conflict – not about conquering humanity, but about winning our hearts and minds.  Two races of titanic proportions are tearing into each other, all under the guise of trying to help us.  The problem is that like two sadistic siblings fighting over a coveted toy, humanity is caught in the middle. And as is typical of selfish children, the toy will likely end up in pieces.

Spanning hundreds of years and two different continents, the Dragoon Universe offers an exciting sandbox to play in, complete with tons of distinct characters, organizations, and struggles.  It combines elements from traditional science fiction with the post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk genre.  If you’re thinking, “This already sounds like a ripe place for a role-playing-game,” you are not far off, and in my younger days I attempted just that.

Ever since I was a child, I loved movies and it’s no surprise that this is what I ended up pursuing as a career.  Through all of it, I have tried to figure out a way to transition Dragoon to the screen, so that people can enjoy the world from a visual standpoint and immerse themselves in it.  Two small attempts were made years before (with varying success), but neither compared to this year, when a talented, young filmmaker named Rolando Vega asked to play in the universe.

He has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a short film that will bring the exciting science fiction world of the Dragoon Universe to thousands.  I highly recommend you check out the page for their film, Downward, because they did an amazing job. It shows their incredible level of professionalism and commitment to this project.

Kickstarter Project

The film Downward will generate Dragoon merchandise that could appear in the Forevergeek Kickstarter Store.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.  They have done a great job of bringing various Kickstarter products under one banner for your shopping convenience. I hope that Downward will be another successful addition to their store.

If you would like to see more of the Dragoon Universe, head over to our website:

You’ll find concept art, special content, and more information on the film Downward.


-Mike Ortiz

Mike Ortiz was destined to be a school teacher, educating hearts and minds, yet he chose to pursue a career in film instead. Working creatively through his college years, he managed to produce several personal projects, 3 of them feature length. He has since worked on films like Law Abiding Citizen and The Last Airbender (sorry), as well a TV show for MundoFox and a special for Akihiro Noguchi of Power Rangers fame. Living and working in Los Angeles it is his dream to make enough money to one day buy his cat a diamond collar. Oh, and something nice for his wife too!

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