See Rivendell Built Using 200,000 LEGO Pieces

After building Hogwarts Academy using 400,000 LEGO pieces, Alice Finch clearly needed to keep feeding her geek-building side. Together with David Frank, Finch created this 5-foot x 10-foot representation of Lord Elrond’s domain on Middle Earth. Elves, dwarves, and a hobbit or two can be seen roaming the grounds since Rivendell was the place where Bilbo Baggins retired to write his memoirs.

Rivendell 470x315 See Rivendell Built Using 200,000 LEGO Pieces

Lord Elrond and the Elves probably didn’t expect to be represented as LEGO pieces

Check out Alice’s Alice’s Flickr page for hi-res images of this beauty.

Need more Lord of the Rings goodness? This was an early look at LEGO doing a Tolkien.

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