These 3D Deco Lights Will Add a New Dimension to Any Room

3d deco lights

Are you afraid of the dark? It’s okay to admit it if you are. We won’t judge you, and you have the best excuse to get hold of these 3D Deco Lights.

With Mjolnir, Hulk’s fist, and Captain America’s shield lighting your environs, you’ll have all the courage you need.
3d deco lights


And then there are the TMNT.

3d deco lights


What more can you want in your room? (If you’re a tough guy, though, check out the dark side of the TMNT.)



  1. John Vezirian says

    I bought these for my grandson for Christmas. I bought all (4) heads for his room. He loves them. They look great. I mounted about 7′ off the floor, they provide great illumination, turning them off was a pain in the butt though. My solution, I ordered (4) tiny wireless RF switches from the web, and a transmitter, came as a kit for about $40.00, took me about 15 min. per head to wire the little switches, which work off the battery power, and now he can turn them off from the transmitter I mounted to the wall. These really should have been wireless in the first place. But it is a very simple modification, takes little time.

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