Alternative 1970’s Batman

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Now this is probably the best re-imagining I’ve ever seen of the Batman.

Francesco Francavilla has released some preview images of an upcoming collection re-imagining Batman in the early 1970’s with the Catwoman sporting an afro hair style, the Joker looking even camper than he did in the 60’s TV version (while at the same time looking pretty damn scary), Batman seems to be chain smoking in every image and even though I wouldn’t promote this to kids he looks pretty damn cool! Commissioner Gordon unfortunately looks like a hobo though.

Hi the jump to see a sample of the collection and check the rest out on Francesco’s Tumblr page

1970s batman 470x686 Alternative 1970s Batman batman 1972 470x297 Alternative 1970s Batman batmobile 1972 470x237 Alternative 1970s Batman catwoman 1972 Alternative 1970s Batman gorodon 1972 470x662 Alternative 1970s Batman joker 1072 470x274 Alternative 1970s Batman riddler 1972 Alternative 1970s Batman two face 1972 470x262 Alternative 1970s Batman

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fgks banners 16 Alternative 1970s Batman

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