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[UPDATED: April 21, 2014]

Last year, we put together some of the most eye-catching Game of Thrones merchandise we’ve found online. With the latest season well on its way, I am sure that you’re beside yourself with excitement, waiting for each episode every week.

Good thing there is no lack of choices when it comes to satisfying that gut-wrenching, wallet-emptying urge to buy anything and everything related to one of the best high fantasy series of our generation. As usual, this post will be updated periodically all throughout the year, so stay tuned for new items.

Without further ado, here are more Game of Thrones merchandise you can add to your collection.

Game of Thrones Brewery Ommegang Fire & Blood Glass

game of thrones brewery ommegang targaryen glass 500 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
Custom glasses from the Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, N.Y. – I imagine you can drink anything from water to wine in these and feel great about it! $9.99 each.

Funko Daenerys Targaryen

Funko Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
Made by Funko, this version of Dany will always cheer you up when you feel down.

The North Remembers Tee

 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
If you’re a diehard Stark follower, then this tee shirt should be in your collection. A Lannister may always pay his debts, but The North remembers. As of today (April 21, 2014), this tee is on sale for only $19.60 (as opposed to $24.50), so you might want to jump on it now.

Game of Thrones House Sigil Shoes

GoT Shoes Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
I’ve got nothing to say but WANT!!!

Game of Thrones Hand Tooled Leather Notebook Journal – House of Stark Direwolf

Leather Journal Cover Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
This one’s a little pricey, but if you’re a writer, or you have a treasured journal, this is the perfect cover. Fits Moleskine 9x14cm (3.5×5.5″), in case you’re into that.

Winter ISN’T Coming Onesie

Winter Isnt Coming Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
The stubbornhead in me is coming out. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Starks as much as any other Stark fan, but I think this onesie going against the flow is just hilarious. Also perfect for people who live in the tropics (like me!).

Game of Thrones Wax Seal Coasters

game of thrones wax seal coasters 500 470x470 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
Coasters seem to be popular, but these wax seal coasters are not your usual. A set of six for “only” $19.99 from the HBO store.

Game of Thrones Cards

dire wolf valentine Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but sending our loved one a greeting card expressing your feelings is always welcome any day, right? These cards will score you a gazillion points, trust me.

Not a Stark man? Find other, more suitable designs here.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition

Boardgame 470x498 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
Grab this now for a 29% discount!

Game of Thrones Seasons 1 & 2 with Exclusive Funko Pop Vinyls (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

Funko 470x466 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
While you may already have the first two seasons, why not go for this set? They got me at the exclusive Funko Pop Vinyls. The set is also on sale with 33% savings!

Game of Thrones 2014 Wall Calendar

Calendar 470x470 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014

Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros

Popup Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
This is a promising work of art which has not yet been released – it’s supposed to come out in March. If you pre-order now, though, you’ll get 33% off the list price. What are you waiting for?

Game of Thrones Sigil Coasters Set

coaster 470x764 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
I got a slightly different set from a local novelty store, but any coaster with the Targaryen sigil is a sure bet! And the best thing? This set costs less than $10.

Daenerys Qarth Blue and Gold Gown Dress Costume Custom Replica Belt Game of Thrones Khaleesi Targaryen Season 2

Dress 470x764 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
This particular Game of Thrones merchandise may be way out of the average person’s budget, but it’s just so pretty. I can’t help but stare at it. Khaleesi approved!

Game of Thrones Birthday Card

Card 470x626 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
What better way to greet the special people in your lives? There are different designs, of course, to suit your particular affiliation.

Workout is Coming

workout 470x470 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
Just because we can.

A Game of Thrones Mobile

mobile 470x376 Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
This is the only mobile – complete with wolf, lion, dragon, stag, falcon, kraken, flower, sun, and crown – fit for a Game of Thrones baby; that is, if you have some cash to burn.

Sorry Ladies I’m in the Night’s Watch T-shirt

Nights Watch Game of Thrones Merchandise 2014
Watch the ladies come after you…

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