Kickstarter And Early Access Games Are NOT Ruining PC Gaming



James Plafke of ExtremeTech recently wrote an article on how Kickstarter video games and early access are dooming the industry.

Plafke is also dead wrong.

It’s amazing that, after the success of titles like Minecraft, Republique, and SolForge, there are still people out there who believe crowdfunding and public early access create more problems than opportunities. These two systems are the lifeblood for independently produced games, many of which are usually deemed too much of a risk for larger publishers due to the innovation they present. Astounding, creative titles like Gone Home and The Stanley Parable may have never seen the light of day underneath the roof of a Triple A company.

Crowdfunding plays a major role in the diversity we’re seeing in today’s video games, with ambitious concepts like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’s massively multiplayer melee battles getting their big breaks from sites like Kickstarter. A lot of these products also incentivize supporting them by offering access to early builds of the game to backers, a strategy that has impacted the development cycle in numerous positive ways.




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