Michael Bay Messes Up Samsung’s Biggest Event of the Year at CES

Michael Bay

Samsung’s 150-inch curved TV is the biggest thing for the manufacturer this year, and they hooked a huge fish to introduce it to the world: Michael Bay himself. Who would have thought that this decision would turn out to be a flub?

Halfway through his speech, Bay suddenly lost himself, and instead of picking things up, he decided to say “I’m sorry…” and walked off, leaving Samsung exec Joe Stinziano, EVP of Samsung America to clean up the mess.

The official word about this bizarre incident: Bay lost his place in the teleprompter.

This happens to everyone, I guess, but he’s freaking Michael Bay. Imagine how much Samsung has paid him for this event! What could have prompted the guy to just up and leave? Sabotage? *Sinister laugh*


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