Salvador Dali Illustrates the Zodiac

Dali Zodiac

The world’s favorite surrealist, Salvador Dali, created stunning lithographs that illustrated the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Don’t skim by them too quickly or else you might miss his unique take on the sign of Cancer. Hey, even artistic geniuses confuse lobsters with crabs just like regular people!

If you’re a big fan of Dali and his famous piece, “The Persistence of Memory”, then this inspired melting watch will be a great addition to your everyday wardrobe.


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    Hi Kristine, enjoyed your tribute to Dali’s zodiac. The lobster is a recurring symbol in Dali’s artwork, so we in the Dali world find the Cancer image to be just his own little joke for insiders — though I always thought this one looked more like a crawfish than a lobster! When considering crustaceans, I always find it useful to remember a silly old Smothers Brothers song with the chorus “crabs walk sideways and lobsters walk straight!”

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