Save A Whopping 46% On A Plantronics RIG Stereo Gaming Headset!


Every gamer knows the importance of having a really good gaming headset. The frustration of having to game with a crappy headset, spotty microphone, and inferior sound quality is a pain known to many. If your gaming headset is due to be replaced (even if it isn’t, who can resist this awesome deal?!), then you have to check out the huge sale on the Plantronics RIG Stereo Gaming Headset with Mixer. It has three EQ profiles (Pure, Intensify, and Seismic) and the mixer lets you quickly mix music, mobile calls, and game audio. The Plantronics RIG Stereo Gaming Headset with Mixer is on sale on Amazon for only $69.99!

plantronics-rig-stereo-gaming-headset3 plantronics-rig-stereo-gaming-headset2


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