Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits? Yes, Please!

Let’s be honest. You don’t need to own a motorcycle to want to wear these babies everywhere. UD Replicas produced officially licensed motorcycle suits inspired by the famous Star Wars imperial armor. It’s not just for show! Each suit comes with built-in CE-approved body armor so you’re fully protected. These Stormtrooper motorcycle suits are incredibly detailed as well. Choose between Shadow Trooper black or classic Imperial Stormtrooper white… Or not. I know you want both.

stormtrooper motorcycle suit 2 450x305 Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits? Yes, Please!

stormtrooper motorcycle suit 4 450x305 Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits? Yes, Please!

UD Replicas also has suits for Batman, Superman, and others!

(Via The Tech Blog)

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