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Who’s up for another giveaway?

This week’s goodies are geared towards parents, aunts, uncles, and anyone who has a kid in his/her life. You don’t have to be a parent to love these geeky clothes from Geekling Designs, which specializes in instilling geekery early in life.

Geekling Designs has everything from onesies to parent/child clothing sets to leg warmers to hats…

You have to admit that geeky clothes are the rage these days, and you really don’t have to look hard to find some that you’ll want to wear. One thing’s for sure, though: what we’re giving away this week will make you AND your little buddy stand out.

Take a look at what they have in store.

Parent Child Sets

These sets are perfect for geeky parents who want to instill the right values in their kids.

Who’s Your Daddy?

geekling designs

Gamer/Gamer in training

geekling designs

Crocheted Hats

What better way to keep warm when a polar vortex occurs?


geekling designs




Because we have to start them young.

Future Khal

geekling designs

Chaotic Neutral

geekling designs

Feast your eyes on Geekling Designs’ cool stuff here: Website

The Giveaway

We’re giving away three items:

  • Parent/Child set
  • Crocheted hat
  • Onesie

Check out the Rafflecopter widget to join the giveaway. It starts today, and ends on Thursday. Winners will be announced on Friday.

Oh, and this giveaway is open worldwide, so go, go, go!

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