A Must Hear: Final Fantasy VI Balance and Ruin: An Overclocked Remix Album


Final Fantasy VI Balance and Ruin: An Overclocked Remix Album reminds us why the best video game scores are never forgotten. A game’s soundtrack can make or break immersion and when it’s at its best, it stands the test of time. The original soundtrack to FFVI is a prime example. Legendary game composer Nobuou Uematsu’s work convinced non-believers that game music is an art form that should be taken seriously.

OCRemix.org has been a place where fans of gaming music could share fan-made remixes of their favorite soundtracks, and Balance and Ruin is their biggest project to date. It has 74 songs that span a wide variety of genres, with contributions by more than 40 veteran musicians and remixers. Though only 2,000 5-CD physical copies were made, you can still download Balance and Music on OCRemix.org. Listen to the trailer here:



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