PhoneSoap Charger Sanitizes And Charges Your Smartphone!

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You live in a very dirty world. In today’s high-tech times, there’s no better breeding ground for bacteria than your smartphone. No matter how many times you sanitize your hands, mouth, face, or entire body, you still leave oil, sweat, dirt, and much worse whenever you touch your phone. Do you use your phone in the bathroom? Congratulations. You just won the germs jackpot!

This is where the PhoneSoap Charger really shines. It’s a combination phone charger and sanitizer that works by simply putting your smartphone in and plugging it like a regular charger. Once you activate it, the PhoneSoap Charger bombards your phone with UV-C wavelength ultraviolet light. This attacks germs and damages and destroys the molecules it needs to live. Those with large phones shouldn’t worry because it’s large enough to fit devices with dimensions of up to 6 x 3.74 x 0.78 inches.

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PhoneSoap Charger Inside

PhoneSoap Charger With Phone

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