Sesame Street Fighter Is A Real Game!

We recently posted about Super Sesame Street Fighter and just when you thought the fun was over, it jumped several awesomeness levels higher! Enter Sesame Street Fighter, a game developed by Cocoalasca inspired by the illustrations we featured. It’s an HTML5 game that lets you choose between Ernie/Ken, Bert/Ryu, and Oscar/Blanca as you type your way to victory. Who said violence and education couldn’t mix? Make sure your typing fingers are ready to face the big boss: M. Bison Elmo. Play Sesame Street Fighter here!

sesame street fighter featured 470x264 Sesame Street Fighter Is A Real Game!

sesame street fighter elmo 470x264 Sesame Street Fighter Is A Real Game!


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  1. Anonny Moose says:

    HTML5? Flash would be a better platform for this.

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