A Steampunk Wheelchair Is A Boy’s Dream Come True!

Kyron Cheek is your typical steampunk-loving teenager. His muscular dystrophy may have caused him to spend 16 days in intensive care, but he refused to let that define him. He initially refused the Make-A-Wish foundation when they found out he was a candidate, but after a year of convincing, he finally agreed and asked for a kick-ass steampunk bedroom.

The story didn’t there. ModVic, a design company, started a contest aiming to create a unique steampunk wheelchair just for Kyron. People from all over the world submitted their best steampunk wheelchair designs, but designer Greg Hurley won the challenge. And it is the definition of awesome.

kyrons steampunk bedroom 470x270 A Steampunk Wheelchair Is A Boys Dream Come True!

greg hurleys winning steampunk wheelchair design 470x288 A Steampunk Wheelchair Is A Boys Dream Come True!


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