Win Geeky Items From Usagianddarien’s Custom Shoes and Things

Etsy is the home of custom-made things, and I think no one can deny that it’s a veritable treasure trove for fandoms. This week, our giveaway is from an Etsy Shop called “Usagianddarien’s Custom Shoes and Things”, where Doctor Who fans (among other fandoms) can feast their eyes on unique items, hand-designed from Boiling Springs, South Carolina.

Usagianddarien’s Custom Shoes and Things has been selling geeky items since 2011, and although we only recently discovered the store, we got hooked immediately. You’ll understand why as soon as you see her work.

Usagianddarien’s craft

Dont Blink Chucks 470x352 Win Geeky Items From Usagianddariens Custom Shoes and Things

Don’t Blink Chucks

Gallifrey Heels 470x470 Win Geeky Items From Usagianddariens Custom Shoes and Things

Gallifrey Heels

Catching Fire Print 470x358 Win Geeky Items From Usagianddariens Custom Shoes and Things

Catching Fire Print

I’m a sandals person, but I’d give up my trusty old Ipanemas for those red shoes in a blink – angels and tortured feet be damned!

There are even more cooler designs at the shop, so make sure you take a look: Usagianddarien’s Custom Shoes and Things.

What we’re giving away

So this is what’s going to happen. We’ve partnered up so that ForeverGeek readers can have a taste of Usagianddarien’s geeky items.

Here are the two things that are up for grabs this week.

If you’ve had enough of the yellow minions (though that’s hard to imagine), here’s a purle minion you can carry around with you anywhere you go.

Minion Tote Bag 470x470 Win Geeky Items From Usagianddariens Custom Shoes and Things

Purple Minion Totebag

And to dress up your wall, a TARDIS print is the solution!

TARDIS print 470x552 Win Geeky Items From Usagianddariens Custom Shoes and Things


Who’s Game?

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IMPORTANT: This giveaway is open worldwide so keep those entries coming! Entries will be accepted from today, February 3 till Thursday, February 6. The winners will be chosen at random and will be announced on February 7.
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  1. Calum Buchan says:

    Amazing Prize, big doctor who fan, cheers for the chance guys :)

  2. Kristin Abrahamson says:

    Bowties are cool shoes.

  3. Sarah Grace says:

    My favorite item was the Doctor Who high top canvas shoes. Long and sleek. Just bad to the bone. =)

  4. My favorite item was the DW custom canvas high tops. They are so cool!

  5. Erin Ellis says:

    The Custom Minion Shoes are my favorite. LOVE THEM! Oh my! Thank you for the great giveaway!
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  6. I LOVE the Gallifrey Heels, Wish I could Afford A Pair, But I’m Broke :(

  7. The converse are so my favorite, they’re converse with Doctor Who two of my favorite things! Just amazing work all around

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