Win Issue 1 of The Marvel Chess Collection: Spiderman!



Remember the Star Trek Starship Models giveaway we had some time back? The same guys are giving us another treat before the month ends. If Star Trek is not your thing (oh, the sacrilege!), then maybe Spidey gets you going.


Seriously, though, it’s not all about Spiderman – it just so happens that this particular superhero is the first of the bunch to be released in the Marvel Chess collection, the concept of which is just so awesome, we couldn’t help but share it with you.

Comic nerd + chess master = nerdgasm

This is what the Marvel Chess collection is going to bring, with a fortnightly series that will give you the opportunity to collect a unique chess set, featuring some of the greatest and most loved Marvel characters.

Iron Man. Thor. Loki. And, of course, more.

Each issue comes complete with metallic resin, hand-painted chess piece, and a glossy magazine full of character profiles and amazing artwork; and we’re giving away THREE COPIES of the first issue.

Marvel Chess Collection Marvel Chess Collection

Right now, the Marvel Chess collection is only available in the UK and Ireland, but it will be released in the US and Canada soon, so stay tuned for that (check out the Facebook page for updates).

If you’re in the UK and Ireland, you can subscribe to the Marvel Chess collection here, and you’ll have some cool perks, too!

Marvel Chess Collection

Join the giveaway
Here’s what you need to know to join the giveaway.

First, we can only accept entries from UK, Ireland, USA, and Canada. Second, just follow the Rafflecopter widget, and keep those entries coming!

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Please remember: UK, Ireland, USA, and Canada participants only. The giveaway runs from February 25 to March 2. Winners will be announced on March 3.


  1. Andrew says

    I’ve loved Spidey ever since he appeared on the Electric Company. When he’s not being a superhero, he’s just a bright guy trying to live a normal life.

  2. Sarah Grace says

    Much love for Spidey. Geek with super powers, kicking bad guys butt, big or small, Spidey can do it. He is brains over brawn. Love it! <3

  3. says

    Love Spidey! He’s been my fave Marvel Hero since I was 6 years old.

    When I was 7 years old I wanted to be Spider-man for Halloween but I was told I couldn’t because I was a girl and had to be a girl character/hero. I’ve never gotten over that LOL :P

    Plus: How can you not love a nerd with cool super powers and witty, clever comebacks?

  4. bill norris says

    Love spidey….but the Peter Parker or Miles Morales versions and not that crappy Doc Ock version, theyre using in the comics now….

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