Dreamcatchers Go Geeky!

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Nightmares and bad dreams can haunt even the bravest of warriors. To ward away the night terrors, these geeky dreamcatchers provide your best defense! Etsy user Stars, Spikes, and Madness took these classic icons and mixed in some of our pop culture favorites. Each center section of the dreamcatchers has carved pieces of leather that were individually dyed and painted. If you have a particular design in mind, you can even place a custom order!

dreamcatchers captain america 470x899 Dreamcatchers Go Geeky!

dreamcatchers tardis 470x706 Dreamcatchers Go Geeky!

dreamcatchers horde 470x484 Dreamcatchers Go Geeky!

dreamcatchers mandalorians 470x819 Dreamcatchers Go Geeky!


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