Emo Paintings Of Geeky Characters Are Hilarious

Emo Paintings featured image

Maybe it’s our strange sense of humor, but these emo paintings of popular geeky icons made me giggle. They’re strangely adorable and definitely amusing so I don’t know what that says about me. Artist JSalvador calls this series the SuperEmoFriends and you’ll probably go “Aww…” before launching into a giggle fit or wanting to give them all a hug. Some very violent and bad-ass characters actually look–dare we say it?–cute.

By the way, spoiler alert for an important part in Spiderman’s canon. It’s been decades, but hey. Better to be safe than suffer the wrath of spoiler-sensitive fans.

Emo Paintings - Terminator

Emo Paintings - Batman

Emo Paintings - Wolverine

Emo Paintings - Spiderman

Emo Paintings - Link



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