Exclusive: Biowars #5 Artwork!

Sometimes the wars we have to wage happen within us. Biowars is a kick-ass comic that follows Alexander Hawking, an ordinary guy in an ordinary world. Everything is as average as it could get until his father passes a germ that is meant to annihilate a man’s immune system. With his dying breath, he makes Alex vow to save the world from the elite group called The Combine that introduced this powerful and untraceable weapon. Within his body, a world called the BioCosmos houses the BioWarriors that will fight the battle inside him. You can check out all the issues and read up on this awesome comic here.

Issue #5 is coming out this month and the great team over at Biowars sent us exclusive images that we’re psyched to share with you guy. Enjoy!

Biowars Issue 5 pg 08 470x726 Exclusive: Biowars #5 Artwork!

Biowars Issue 5 pg 24 470x726 Exclusive: Biowars #5 Artwork!

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