I Get Around: The Best Vehicles in Comics

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For any superhero to get anywhere, they need to be able to travel. Since not all our protagonists can just take flight or teleport, they’ve had to use some unique forms of transportation to get to their desired destination. Here are some of our favorites.

Batmobile 470x316 I Get Around: The Best Vehicles in Comics
No matter the model, the Batmobile tops any of these lists

The Batmobile

Like there was ever any doubt? Throughout its many iterations over the decades, the Batmobile has always served as an extension of Batman’s persona during those specific periods. Always tricked out with the latest gadgets and build for chases of all kinds, the Batmobile is part and parcel of what makes Batman so cool. After all, who wouldn’t want a car with so many built-in toys?

Heli Carrier Alpha  470x728 I Get Around: The Best Vehicles in Comics
A roaming battleship that can carry a formidably-sized army? Check.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

For an international super spy organization like the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division, there’s a need for quick transport of lots of troops, vehicles, and tech. The solution? Build an aircraft carrier that can actually take to the skies with all the ammo of a large army. Being co-designed by billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark only adds to the coolness factor of this big boy.

Blackbird in All New X Men 11 470x267 I Get Around: The Best Vehicles in Comics
Marvel’s merry mutants always travel in style

The X-Men’s Blackbird

In the days that Professor Charles Xavier’s school had not yet revealed itself as a haven for mutants-in-training, the Blackbird served as the clandestine vehicle of choice entering and leaving Westchester County, New York. The first Blackbird was based on the Lockheed SR-71 and was destroyed. Subsequent models have incorporated upgrades by mutant inventor Forge, as well as technology from the Shi’ar Empire including weapons, holographic camouflage, and the ability to achieve hypersonic speeds.

Ghostrider marvel comics 5205820 1280 960 470x352 I Get Around: The Best Vehicles in Comics
Biker gangs beware, the Spirit of Vengeance is loose!

Ghost Rider’s motorcycle

Talk about hell on wheels. Whether it be original Spirit of Vengeance Johnny Blaze or the 90s version with Danny Ketch, Ghost Rider’s flaming skull would be incomplete without his equally burning bike. The moment Blaze is consumed by hellfire and dons leather, his hog trades in wheels for flames, leaving a sizzling trail to let everyone know the Ghost Rider was just here.

SilverSurfer 470x705 I Get Around: The Best Vehicles in Comics
From Malibu to outside the Milky Way, the Surfer’s moves are totally tubular, dude

Silver Surfer’s surfboard

Yes, a surfboard is a vehicle because it takes you from one place to another. In the case of the Sky-Rider of the Spaceways, he travels across the cosmos on his longboard. The former herald of the world-devouring Galactus once surfed to search for worlds for his master to devour. Since liberating himself however, the former Norrin Radd has roamed the universe while contemplating the vastness of existence and his role in the grander scheme of things.

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2012 night of the owls batmobile I Get Around: The Best Vehicles in Comics
Not every hero can fly… or ride public transport
fgks banners 6 I Get Around: The Best Vehicles in Comics
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