We’re Giving Away 5 Tees From TeeFury!


TeeFury is no stranger to to tee-loving geeks, and truth be told, they have some of the best designs out there, not to mention perhaps the largest collection you can geek out on any time you wish to do so.

Because we love you guys, and because TeeFury has been so generous, we are giving away 5 t-shirts – design of your choice – this week. Here are some of their most popular designs.


Founded in 2008 by a group of artists with a passion for pop culture and limited edition t-shirts, TeeFury has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, they work with independent artists to put out a new, limited edition shirt for $11 that is available for 24 hours only. Fans can vote to bring back their favorite designs to live in the TeeFury Gallery where they can be purchased for $18.

What We Love

Here are some of the designs that have caught our eye, and I’m sure you’ll love them, too.





No need to detail all the references, is there?

The Giveaway

So here’s the dish. Five of you will be the lucky ones who will get to choose any of the designs at $18. Browse the TeeFury gallery, and take your pick. With over 100 designs, to choose from, your head will surely spin! 

The giveaway is open worldwide, so wherever you may be located, you can join. And, as usual, please take a look at the Rafflecopter widget below to join the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway starts today and ends on Sunday, March 30. The winners will be announced on Monday, March 31, so tweet, like, and share away!


  1. Jessica says

    It will take me a while to pick which I want, as there are so many great designs! But I know there will be at least one Doctor Who shirt picked!!

  2. Michael T says

    I *really* like the Banksy Python 1-2-5 design…but I hate the silver color shirt it’s printed on.

  3. Kristin Abrahamson says

    I would love to the have the Witch In The Fireplace design, a perfect combination of Doctor Who and Harry Potter. (:

  4. Clarissa Veronica says

    There are many designs to choose from, and it took me awhile to decide. But I really love Kingdom Hearts! So I’m going to pick The Heart of Heartless!

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