Honor Among Thieves: The Best Supervillain Teams

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So you think only the good guys can join forces? It’s been proven that when baddies team up, nothing good can come out of it for our heroes. Here are some of the most feared and most effective villain teams that have conspired to put the protagonists through the wringer.

crime syndicate 470x362 Honor Among Thieves: The Best Supervillain Teams
Take the morality out of the Justice League and you get the Crime Syndicate

Crime Syndicate

Evil Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash. That’s the basic concept behind these villains from an alternate Earth where everything good is bad. Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick represent twisted versions of our favorite heroes without their moral center, making them rotten to their core. Recently featured prominently in DC’s Forever Evil event, the Crime Syndicate’s ranks were beefed up with Deathstorm, Atomica, and Grid (evil analogues of Firestorm, The Atom, and Cyborg). Not satisfied with ruling their own Earth, they crossed dimensions and even took down the Justice League while declaring themselves our new masters.

sinister six  earth 616  001 470x222 Honor Among Thieves: The Best Supervillain Teams
Anger with a certain Webhead brought these six together

Sinister Six

Doctor Octopus. The Vulture. Electro. Kraven the Hunter. The Sandman. Mysterio. These were six frustrated baddies brought together by countless defeats at the hands of Spider-Man. Figuring out that there was strength in numbers, the Sinister Six joined forces with the ultimate goal of destroying the Wall-Crawler. Over the years, the combination has changed several times, but the complete hatred for Spidey has only gotten worse as they’ve been relentless, if not methodical, in their attacks.

the flash villains 470x713 Honor Among Thieves: The Best Supervillain Teams
Don’t underestimate a team of bad guys with a code of honor

The Rogues

A group of villains united by their hatred for The Flash, the Rogues are unique because of their code of honor. Among the tenets of their code is the refusal to kill women or children, not accepting a new Rogue while the previous one bearing the same name still lives, and (despite their conflicts with The Flash) their stance against killing speedsters. Led by Captain Cold, the colorful roster of Rogues usually includes Mirror Master, The Top, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, The Trickster, The Pied Piper, and Captain Boomerang.

brotherhood Honor Among Thieves: The Best Supervillain Teams
Mystique proved as effective a leader of the Brotherhood as Magneto previously was

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Whether it was the original group led by Magneto or later incarnations that saw Mystique and even Toad take command, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants always spelled bad news for the X-Men. This was Magneto’s initial attempt at creating a team to promote mutant supremacy over humans and originally included his own children (Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch), as well as Toad and Mastermind. When Mystique created her own Brotherhood featuring Destiny, Pyro, The Blob, Avalanche, and Spiral, their attempt to assassinate Sen. Robert Kelly almost triggered the event that would lead to the bleak future seen in “Days of Future Past.”

RossLegion 470x231 Honor Among Thieves: The Best Supervillain Teams
These guys are anything but your super friends

Legion of Doom

Whether it’s the Injustice Society or the Secret Society of Super-Villains, the most popular version of this anti-Justice League of America group was labeled “the Legion of Doom” in the classic Super Friends animated series. Artist Alex Ross made the Legion of Doom the main villains in his 12-issue “Justice” mini-series from 2005 and had them systematically attacking and destroying members of the JLA. Led by Lex Luthor, the Legion roster usually includes Gorilla Grodd, Bizarro, The Cheetah, Toyman, Sinestro, Brainiac, Black Manta, Solomon Grundy, and Giganta, while other big names like the Joker, Star Sapphire, Black Adam, and other baddies have often joined in the villainous fun.

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JUSTL Cv24 470x713 Honor Among Thieves: The Best Supervillain Teams
Even baddies need buddies
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