Lit Madness: The Hunger Games Meets March Madness!

lit madness featured 470x232 Lit Madness: The Hunger Games Meets March Madness!

March Madness isn’t just for basketball anymore. Our friends over at Bookish created Lit Madness, where 64 popular book characters across four major genres are let loose in a Hunger Games-inspired arena.

Like the real March Madness, you’re not going to vote on who gets to advance to the next round. “As the Lit Madness goes on through April 7, characters will either succeed or fail based on their ability to play to their strengths and hide their weaknesses.” This is where your strength as a book geek should shine! Carefully analyze the likelihood of each character advancing and choose your bracket wisely.

Print out your bracket here (or you can click on the image below), make your very educated guesses, and return later, March 20th, to see if your predictions for the first bracket were right! Check out their Lit Madness post now.

lit madness bracket 470x347 Lit Madness: The Hunger Games Meets March Madness!

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