Low on Cash? Check Out These Lowcost Cosplay Ideas – or Not!

Lowcost Cosplay - featured

This definitely counts as being so incredibly bad that it transcends all ‘badness’ and becomes the best thing on the internet (for the ten minutes that you spend looking at it, anyway). Whether you get his humor or not, 24 year old Anucha Saengchart is a very dedicated young Thai man. His quest on making the best “low cost cosplay” ideas just proves how creative he is. I have no idea if he’s even any good at cosplaying in real life but you know what? It doesn’t matter anymore. If all he does is low cost cosplay, then that’s a job well done.

More than 80,000 people agree with me. That’s how many people like his Lowcost Cosplay Facebook page, at least. He also shares other people’s photos of lowcost cosplay and amusement is had by all. As long as you use the most ordinary products you can find in your house to create a frankly crude likeness of a famous character, you’ve got it made.

Check out his 20 best lowcost cosplay attempts below.

Hello Kitty

Lowcost Cosplay - Hello Kitty

Anakin Sywalker

Lowcost Cosplay - Anakin Skywalker


Lowcost Cosplay - Meowth

Colonel Sanders

Lowcost Cosplay - Colonel Sanders


Low cost Cosplay - Wolverine

Sakura (Naruto)

Low cost Cosplay - Sakura

The Evil Queen

Low cost Cosplay - Snow Queen

Thomas the Tank Engine

Low cost Cosplay - Thomas the Tank Engine

Elsa (Frozen)

Low cost Cosplay - Elsa

Cell (Dragon Ball Z)

Low cost Cosplay - Cell

That Guy From Avatar

Low cost Cosplay - Avatar

Buu (Dragon Ball Z)

Low cost Cosplay - Buu

The Statue of Liberty

Low cost Cosplay - Statue of Liberty


Low cost Cosplay - Piccolo


Low cost Cosplay - Teletubbies

Minions! (Despicable Me)

Lowcost Cosplay - Minions

Those Guys From Life of Pi

Lowcost Cosplay - Life of Pi


Lowcost Cosplay - Cyclops

The Shark from Jaws

Low cost Cosplay - Jaws

Bulbasaur (Pokemon)

Low cost Cosplay - Bulbasaur

Photos Via Lowcost Cosplay Facebook

If you’ve already had your laugh but still want to learn how to seriously cosplay while on a budget, then check out the link!


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