5 Awesome 80s Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Instant

Netflix Instant 80s Classics Now Available

Netflix Instant 80s Classics Now Available

Netflix Instant is a bit like the second coming of 1980s HBO. In fact, you’ll catch a lot of the same movies if you know where to look, and in our book, that’s a good thing! While recently strolling down memory lane (i.e. browsing), we came across these forgotten classics of the ’80s that we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy, if you’ve got a fondness for this time period in film history. If you hate the ’80s you can either stop reading now or go directly to the comments and tell us how much they sucked. Warning though: we won’t like you very much.

netflix instant jacks back

Jack’s Back (1988)

James Spader hunts the man (or woman), who killed his twin brother — an assailant who may also be responsible for a string of brutal copycat killings on the 100th anniversary of the Jack the Ripper crimes. There are definitely some cheesy ’80s fashions making the film somewhat dated, but it’s still pretty solid suspense and well worth your time.

netflix instant murder one

Murder One (1988)

Fresh out of prison, Isaac rejoins his ne’er-do-well brothers on a crime spree that claims the lives of six people. This film is particularly notable as being one of the first serious roles of E.T.’s lead child star Henry Thomas. Thomas has since gone on to distinguish himself from most of the young train wrecks lurking in Hollywood’s history, and it all started here. However, that’s not the only reason to watch. The film is quite riveting and was probably a few years ahead of its time.

netflix instant broadcast news

Broadcast News (1987)

William Hurt, Holly Hunter, and Albert Brooks lead the way in this funny and biting look at the lives of three workaholics, who have trouble separating their professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, the News has turned out quite similar to the way it’s handled in this movie. Probably the last great James L. Brooks film, even though we can forgive him thanks to his contributions on The Simpsons over the years.

netflix instant my left foot

My Left Foot (1989)

What all can you do with your left foot? If you’re the Irish artist/writer Christy Brown, quite a bit! This inspirational, funny, and poignant tale put Daniel Day-Lewis on the map, earning him his first Oscar win for Best Actor. Day-Lewis fits into the role nicely, and pretty much makes you forget that, in reality, he isn’t a handicapped man with cerebral palsy who can create some amazing works of visual and written art with a single appendage.

netflix instant boys next door

The Boys Next Door (1985)

Maxwell Caulfield and Charlie Sheen star as two young men, who leave their hometown for the bright lights of L.A. Along the way, something goes horribly wrong and the pair launch a violent murder spree that shocks the nation. Underrated film from Penelope Spheeris. Also proves that the young Sheen was quite the impressive young actor before devolving into a drug-addled cartoon character.

Now, surely those can’t be the only forgotten flicks from the 1980s that are currently available on Netflix Instant. What have you noticed when knocking around on the search and recommendations engine? Share your picks below!

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