How To Bring Out The Geek In You With Your Dream Wedding


Your wedding is going to be a day you never forget. Not only is it a special day for you and the person you love, but you’ll also get a chance to spend the day with everyone who’s close to the two of you.

Most importantly, the day is an opportunity to show off the things that the two of you both like, no matter how strange or quirky it is. For example, if you’re a huge Star Wars or Big Bang Theory fan, you can bring out that nerdy side of you at your own wedding.

Here are some great ideas for throwing one of the geekiest weddings of all time and making sure everyone enjoys it.

Start with the invitations









When wedding season rolls around, everyone gets the ordinary wedding announcements in their mail. However, you can spice things up by surprising everyone with an announcement that brings out the geek in you.

If the announcement is geeky, then you can explain to people that the theme of your wedding is going to be nerdy as well. So while they’re shifting through all of the typical wedding invites, they’ll be sure to pay special attention to yours.

Your wedding attire



Star Trek Wedding




Black tuxedos and wedding dresses are typical wedding attire. However, you can change this up by bringing your geeky or nerdy taste into what the wedding party wears during the big day.

A subtle example could be to wear colorful suspenders or thick-rimmed glasses with your tux. But if you want to go all out, consider switching the traditional garments for something that really demonstrates your love for geeky stuff.

This could mean Star Wars outfits, anime costumes, and much more. After all, it’s your day so you might as well enjoy it.

The cake topper





Nintendo Wedding Cake


The wedding cake is a central icon  of every wedding event. So when eyes focus on the wedding cake, you can show off the geek in you with a nerdy cake topper. Imagine an image of the husband and wife battling it out with light sabers — with the wife winning, of course.

Or you could design a reenactment of one of your other favorite nerdy scenes. In any case, the cake topper will draw a lot of attention and it can be a great way to let people know just how nerdy the happy couple is.

Don’t forget the ring







Keep in mind that no matter how nerdy your wedding day is, there may be some things you’ll want to keep a bit more traditional due to the fact that they’ll have to last beyond the wedding day.

For example, your wedding ring can be something that is given to your spouse in a nerdy inspired way, but you may want to keep the ring itself more traditional so that the other person can wear it every day.

You can have a great nerdy wedding. But in order to do that, keep in mind the tips on this list to make the most of it. Wedding Wire has an assortment of wedding jewellery that can bring out the geek in you.

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