This Cool LEGO Metroid Project Needs Your Support!

LEGO Metroid

LEGO CUUSOO is a great way for geeks and non-geeks alike to get their favorite things in LEGO form. In fact, we recently featured a very popular LEGO Doctor Who set! Creators begin a project, and those that get 10,000 supporters will be reviewed by the team and have a chance to be an official LEGO product! So far, they’ve made sets based on Minecraft, the DeLorean, and the Curiosity Rover among others.

LEGO addict and project creator lizardman has brought to our attention the coolest LEGO Metroid set we’ve seen so far! It’s currently at 1,704 supporters (and steadily rising). We’re crossing our fingers and hoping it reaches 10,000 really soon. Check out the cool photos and what lizardman’s Super Metroid set contains here:

The set includes:
-A Samus minifigure with printed details. I made the details myself and they are not the best, but I can assure you that the ones LEGO would make if this were to be produce would be much better.
-A Ridley figure with many joints for maximum poseability. Ridley can move in just about any way you would like.
-Samus’ gunship which is complete with an interior.

LEGO Metroid

LEGO Metroid - Samus and Ridley

LEGO Metroid - Samus Gunship

LEGO Metroid - Samus minifig and Gunship

LEGO Metroid - Samus and Ridley in combat

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