Crit Juice Is A Drunken Gamer’s Delight!

CritJuice notes

Whether you’ve been playing D&D since before you could type angry retorts to the uninformed masses on the internet, or have no idea what D&D even is, you’ll enjoy the hell out of listening to Crit Juice. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to be under the influence to like it!

When drinking and running a podcast is involved, it’s very easy to cross the line from ‘endearing’ to ‘obnoxious’, but the guys at Crit Juice have nailed the perfect balance. After all, when you have comedians, actors, Dungeons and Dragons, and a whole lot of booze, what’s there to dislike? Check out the podcasts and the players! They also have awesome ways for the audience to participate so don’t be shy.

Crit Juice notes

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