Geeky Easter Eggs: 2014 Edition

Easter Eggs - Stormtrooper

Here at Forever Geek, Easter’s kinda a big thing, you guys. We ooh’d and aah’d at the coolest  Easter eggs in 2011 and 2012, and mopped up the mess we made after salivating over this selection of awesome candy. But it’s 2014 and a lot of talented fans have been wowing us with their creative takes on the ever popular Easter egg. Check out 21 of the most interesting geeky Easter eggs we could find!


21 Geeky Easter Eggs for 2014!

Adventure Time

Easter Eggs - Adventure Time

Easter eggs of Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, and Lumpy Space Princess are sure to be a hit with kids young and old come egg-hunting time!

Alice in Wonderland

Easter Eggs - Alice in Wonderland

 Whether you liked Johnny Depp as Johnny Depp the Mad Hatter in that last Alice in Wonderland movie or not, you have to admit that these Easter eggs are eerily good, in a creepy way. Just like its cast and director!

Angry Birds

Easter Eggs - Angry Birds

Everyone’s over Angry Birds but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun hurling ‘bird’ eggs at (willing) victims in pig costumes.

Darth Easter

Easter Eggs - Darth Easter

The punny name is enough. You’re welcome.

Eva (Wall-E)

Geeky Easter Eggs - Eva

Remembering Wall-E shouldn’t hurt this much anymore. Anyway, making Eva eggs sounds so obvious, but this is the first batch we’ve seen! Good thing they look spot-on.


Geeky Easter Eggs - Futurama

 Good news, everyone! These Futurama eggs are just as adorable and lovable as Bender and his shiny metal behind.

Dragon Eggs (Game of Thrones)

Easter Eggs - Game of Thrones

 We’d love to see more dragon eggs pop up in Easter egg hunts this years. With the popularity of Game of Thrones and it just having started on its 4th season, this should be a must-do for hunt organizers! Also, don’t be fooled by how awesome it looks. You might think it takes hours to do, but imagine how easy it’ll be once you find out that all you need are thumbtacks and paint! It still made our jaws drop though. Speaking of jaws…


Easter Eggs - Jaws

 Simple yet straight to the point. Should we expect to see a Sharknado Easter egg soon?

Super Mario Bros.

Easter Eggs - Mario

If this were Mario Kart, think of how much fun you’d have with Easter eggs painted as green turtle shells!

Mass Effect

Easter Eggs - Mass Effect

Why would you need to wish for a better ending when you have these fantastic painted Easter eggs of Mass Effect?

Nintendo Characters

Easter Eggs - Nintendo

Super Smash Bros., anyone? Do not attempt to recreate these Easter eggs if you’re not open to being in the middle of a massive (and messy!) egg fight.


Easter Eggs - Pokemon Egg crate

Easter Eggs - Pokemon

Yes, Pokemon gets two! I couldn’t decide which one to feature so here’s both. It’s your problem now! ;)

Portal Turret

Easter Eggs - Portal Turret

This was so obvious, I can’t believe I haven’t seen more of these!

Shellock (Sherlock)

Easter Eggs - Sherlock

Who knew that an egg could resemble Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes so closely? 

Star Trek

Easter Eggs - Star Trek

These logos are nothing short of impressive!


Easter Eggs - Steampunk

Steampunk everything!


Easter Eggs - Stormtrooper

Seeing this Stormtrooper Easter egg just makes us wish we could have used it as a Christmas tree ornament.


Easter Eggs - Pantone

Yes, graphic design geeks, we haven’t forgotten about you! Simple but stylish.

LED Eggs

Easter Eggs - LED

Though these aren’t related to a fandom, we just couldn’t leave it out. Want!

Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc.)

Easter Eggs - Monsters Inc.

Mike’s definitely one of our top choices for Pixar Character That Most Resembles An Easter Egg!

Photos via Buzzfeed, Blastr, Geek Tyrant, and Geek Sugar

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