The History of Captain America and the Winter Soldier

Comic book geeks belong to a class of their own, but we have to admit that comic books and their characters have become quite mainstream these days. With the movie studios cashing in on comic-centric movies, the average person has become more aware of the world of comics.

While there may be people who don’t exactly like the bandwagoners (yes, there are plenty of them), I think it is actually a good thing that more people get to discover the wonderful characters in comics – not that Captain America is a big favorite.

One of the more recent movies is “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, and even though you might not have watched it yet, you might want to learn more about his background – if you’re new to comics. If you’re an expert, then this infographic is all yours to pick and criticize.

cap infographic 1 The History of Captain America and the Winter SoldierBrought to you by Medals of America

Big fan of Captain America? Here’s some Captain America nail art to show your enthusiasm.

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