The Lannister Workout Routine – Because a Lannister Always Does His Reps

Lannister Workout

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to have that superbod that will catch the eye of every Westerosi you meet along the way. Now we know that Game of Thrones characters are ridiculously well-built (most of them, at least), but there’s just something about the Lannisters that make you want to go out there and show the world you rule.

Well, here’s your chance to build up a summer bod that will do the Lannisters proud. And, even if you hate their guts, there’s always the end result to look forward to…the end justifies the means or something like that.

Lannister Workout
Via neila rey

If you’re not a Lannister and you don’t always do your reps, then have a laugh instead with this Honest Game of Thrones Trailer.


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    Now I’m geeking out! hahaha Just watched the first episode of the new season and it was awesome. And about the Lannister Workout as what you have dubbed it, it’s good, really good, in fact, I’ll be using it from now on…I just hope no one goes after my head while doing it.

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