Progress: Steampunk Webseries Brings The Internet To The Victorian Era

Progress the series Progress: Steampunk Webseries Brings The Internet To The Victorian Era

Progress takes us on a journey to see what it would be like to have steam-powered Internet in the Victorian Era. It’s atmospheric, well-done, and is peppered with modern references that’ll make you smile. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of steampunk or not, Progress is a cool webseries that’s definitely worth a look. Check out the quick description from their Facebook page:

Progress” is a ten episode webseries. Victorian England has a steam-powered Internet and Jack the Ripper is posting his crimes on the web. It’s a Sherlockian cyber-thriller and a game of riddles to decipher the identity of the Whitechapel Murderer.

The first three episodes are up on their YouTube page and we have the first episode right here:

Want to see more? Support the making of the rest of the episodes by making a purchase from their shop! If you loved it as much as we did, show some love for them on their Twitter or send a message to their supercool director/producer Nicole Wright.

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