Shirt Battle Giveaway: 5 Geek Tees Up For Grabs!

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If you’re running out of clean tees because, you know, doing laundry’s such a drag, this week’s giveaway is something you’d really want in on. We’re giving away five geek tees from Shirt Battle, one of the funner t-shirt sites out there.

What do they do?

Basically, they hold weekly battles between the world’s best T-shirt designers. So what you get is amazing original designs.

This week’s current battle features these two designs, and to be honest I am totally torn.
ShirtBattle Current Shirt Battle Giveaway: 5 Geek Tees Up For Grabs!
I guess I don’t have to explain why!

Shirt Battle’s coolest designs

I dare anyone to tell me these t-shirts aren’t the coolest. I chose five, because I’d wear one for every day of the (work) week.
Big Bang Rhapsody Shirt Battle Giveaway: 5 Geek Tees Up For Grabs!

Breaking Bricks Shirt Battle Giveaway: 5 Geek Tees Up For Grabs!

guitar hero smoke Shirt Battle Giveaway: 5 Geek Tees Up For Grabs!

ninja1 Shirt Battle Giveaway: 5 Geek Tees Up For Grabs!

Welcome home   12 1024x1024 Shirt Battle Giveaway: 5 Geek Tees Up For Grabs!
Another thing about Shirt Battle is that, while their battles are good for only a week, they do have a collection of “Now in Stock” tees. And, that’s the awesome part.

Grab the chance to win 1 of the 5 tees!

For this giveaway, the winners can choose from any of the two geek tees featured in this week’s battle AND the tees in the “Now in Stock” page!

So, before – or after, it doesn’t matter – you send in your entries below, take your time browsing Shirt Battle’s collection.

The giveaway starts today, April 16 (Wednesday) and ends on April 21 (Monday). The winners will be announced on April 22, Tuesday. Remember, the more you options you fill out below, the more entries you get; and if you tweet every day, you get even more points; so, let’s start the battle!

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  2. Kim Henrichs says:

    Breaking Bricks. I love the “fun” take on Walt.

  3. Malt Whiskey for the battle and Minions in Black from the stock!

  4. Devin H. says:

    I love the WWF shirt. I don’t watch wrestling any longer, but back when I did it was called the WWF. I was surprised to find out they had to change their name, but it would have went over more easily if they had just implemented this idea instead!

  5. Sarah Grace says:

    “Malt Whiskey” has my vote, because I like a little recreational drinking on the weekends. =) I’d wear that out to club/bar.

  6. Michael Boone says:

    I think the WWF shirt should win lol.

  7. Omg, I participate in every one of this giveaways but i never win. i have my finger crossed.

  8. David K. says:

    WWF should win. There’s something about cute pandas fighting each other that’s fun.

  9. Clarissa Veronica says:

    Definitely WWF!

  10. Malt Whiskey should win because whiskey is necessary for living life.

  11. I want to be winning! I’m a fan of the Mario Breaking Bad, but if I had to pick between the 2 in the competition, I’d pick the WWF one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Serena Powell says:

    Malt Whiskey should win because I love the play on words.

  13. Malt Whiskey all the way!

  14. bill norris says:

    trust me im a ninja….sooooo cool lookin and it would look awesome on me!

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