Authentic Wolverine Claws from X-Men: Days of Future Past Up for Auction

Wolverine Authentic Wolverine Claws from X Men: Days of Future Past Up for Auction
Got several thousands of dollars to spare? Then here’s another chance for you to scream – or daintily state, depends on your style – “Shut up, and take my money!”

Whether you’ve seen X-Men: Days of Future Past or you’re still waiting for your favorite uploader the Blu-ray release, I am pretty sure that you know all about Wolverine and his claws; and guess what? You have a chance to bid for authentic Wolverine claws used in the movie.

Wolverine Claws Authentic Wolverine Claws from X Men: Days of Future Past Up for Auction

The Wolverine claws are being auctioned off at Charity Buzz, so this is not all about indulging the extreme collector inside you. There’s good work being done here as well.

While the Wolverine claws are worth only $1,500, the bidding is up to $3,100 with 8 bidders. If you want these claws, which are signed by Hugh Jackman, by the way, then you’ll have to bid at least that amount. This definitely belongs to the Dept. of Want It, never mind that it is not adamantium.

If you’re able and willing, I say go for it! Visit Charity Buzz’s auction page.

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