What Did We Do Before YouTube?

Before YouTube header

How much time do you spend on YouTube these days? I think that while I don’t spend all that much time on the platform, in recent weeks, I have been watching way too many movie trailers and Screen Junkies videos. It’s all fun and games, of course, and those short videos are a good way to take a break – not to mention to find some material to write about!

But has it ever occured to you to look back during the times when there was no YouTube, Vimeo, or whatever online video platform you prefer?

Some guys created an infographic asking the question, “What did we do before YouTube?”

You might have your own answer to that question, but this infographic is basically a walk down memory lane – before there was YouTube – from when the Internet was created (whether you attribute it to Al Gore or to God) to popular video games to when social media platforms were launched.

Before YouTube

So tell us, what did you spend your time on before YouTube (or the Internet)?


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