Exclusive: Biowars #7 Preview

Biowars - Issue 7 - Page - 02

It’s a new month and you know what that means: another kick-ass issue of Biowars will be out soon! We featured this popular digital comic a while ago when we showed exclusive artwork for issue #6. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re in for an awesome adventure at Biowars.comBiowars follows Alexander Hawking, an ordinary guy with zero powers at all, who suddenly has to get ready for the fight of his life after his father passes a germ to him. Of course, this isn’t an ordinary germ at all.

There’s a heck of a lot of cool content over on their website. Enjoy the exclusive artwork for issue #7 below!

Biowars - Issue 7 - Page - 02

Biowars - Issue 7 - Page - 08

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