Is This the Geekiest Wedding Ever?

Geeks get married, too, and when they do, their affiliations tend to be an integral part of their wedding celebrations. We’ve seen a lot of examples, from an Adventure Time-themed wedding to geeky engagement and wedding rings to The Red Wedding in LEGO – oh, wait, that last one doesn’t belong here.

In any case, this couple who just got married last month may have had the geekiest wedding of geek weddings. Ever.

Kristin and Zachary, a match made in geek heaven it seems, wanted their wedding to be a showcase of everything they loved. So they made it happen.

Take a look at some photos from their wedding. And drool.

Geekiest Wedding Dobby Is This the Geekiest Wedding Ever?

Geekiest Wedding LEGO Cake Is This the Geekiest Wedding Ever?

Geekiest Wedding Star Wars Is This the Geekiest Wedding Ever?

And here’s the couple sealing the geekiest wedding of all time with the simplest act: a kiss.

Live long, and prosper, Kristin and Zachary. And, adopt me, please!!!

Geekiest Wedding Is This the Geekiest Wedding Ever?

See more of the wedding photos here.

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