What You Need to Know if You’re Planning a TV Show Watching Binge

What’s your favorite TV show? Sherlock? House of Cards? Game of Thrones?

It doesn’t really matter much which one it is, for it is certain that at some point, you will want to binge watch. It happens to everyone, and while it is more of a habit for some, especially on weekends, you might want to be a little prepared in terms of time.

It may just be a Monday, but here’s something that will make you look forward to the weekend even more, and maybe – just maybe – give you something to fuel your week.

If you’re planning a TV show watching binge, here’s a guide on how long it will take you to watch some of the most popular TV shows. At the very least, you’ll be able to stock up on Mountain Dew and kettle corn (or whatever floats your binge boat).

how long tv show What You Need to Know if Youre Planning a TV Show Watching Binge

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