Michelle Fairley AKA Catelyn Stark Delivers Awful News About Game of Thrones [SPOILER ALERT]


We know that all we love will die. That’s how George R.R. Martin rolls.

But what about the dead that are (were?) supposed to come back to life, albeit in a zombified form? Book readers know that Catelyn Stark, played by actress Michelle Fairley, comes back to play the Game of Thrones in a fashion, after her gruesome death at the hands of the Freys and the Lannisters.

Game of Thrones
Lady Stoneheart’s appearance was one of the most popular rumors going round at the beginning of season four.

Even Lena Headey, whom we all know as Cersei Lannister, had her 2 cents worth on social media when she posted a photo of a bunch of stones on Instagram. Whether that had any connection to Game of Thrones or not, fans were quick to laud or criticize that post. By the way, Lena Headey’s not sorry about that.

Back to Lady Stoneheart and her comeback in HBO’s version of GRRM’s story…

Nope, we’re not seeing her.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Michelle Fairley delivered rather devastating news for those of us waiting on Lady Stoneheart’s appearance. Here’s a snippet of that interview:

You couldn’t have missed the online furor over the lack of Lady Stoneheart in the Thrones finale. Were you surprised by that attention?
I actually haven’t seen any of that. I don’t look that stuff up. I avoid it like the plague. I was totally unaware.

There was a lot of online conversation. I heard third-hand that you were basically told that it’s not likely to ever happen. Is that accurate?
Yeah, the character’s dead. She’s dead.

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    I’m not convinced by that response. If the character does come back as a zombie, it would still be appropriate to say that her character died. LONG LIVE CONSPIRACIES!


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