When Fairy Tale Gals Get Arrested [Mugshots]

Fairy tales always have happy endings, with good little girls doing what they’re supposed to do but occasionally diverging from the right path. And that’s where the story gets interesting. But in the end, they always get the happy forever afters.

Or not.

Marilen Adrover AKA TeeLamb on deviantART has shown us just how things can go wrong with fairy tale gals. Her art, which is basically a set of four fairy tale mugshots is amazing, from the novel concept down to the details of each piece.

A fair word of warning: if you’re still looking at the fairy tales of your childhood behind rose-tinted glasses, you might not like what you’re about to see. If you’re adventurous, humorous, and open-minded, though, you’re going to love the artist’s take on these popular fairy tale girls.


goldilocks by teelamb d4g36wa When Fairy Tale Gals Get Arrested [Mugshots]

Snow White

snow white by teelamb d4fvc10 When Fairy Tale Gals Get Arrested [Mugshots]

Red Riding Hood

red riding hood by teelamb d4fj5jy When Fairy Tale Gals Get Arrested [Mugshots]


alice by teelamb d4d21oj When Fairy Tale Gals Get Arrested [Mugshots]

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