Here’s How You Introduce Kids to Manga: A Little Golden Manga

little golden manga

Just the other week, I was at a children’s party, and it wasn’t surprising that when gift-opening time came around, we saw a lot of superhero items. An Iron Man mask. A Spidey mask. The usual stuff.

And then there were Little Golden Books. You know how much we love those things, and how we love the idea of other books/stories being made into Little Golden Books.

While that many of those titles may remain a dream, I say dream on; and if you’re a manga lover, here’s how you introduce your kids to the genre: with A Little Golden Manga line.

little golden manga

Attack on Titan Little Golden Book

little golden manga

Death Note Little Golden Book

little golden manga

FLCL Little Golden Book

Created by Matt Reedy, the A Little Golden Manga line is again – deep sigh – not real, but a result of his imagination and creativity. That’s why I say it’s more interesting in our heads!

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