“Hilarious” Reactions to the Conclusion of Prince Oberyn and The Mountain’s Fight

Prince Oberyn and The Mountain

It’s been more than a week since we saw what is perhaps one of the most gruesome deaths in Game of Thrones (which is what we say each time someone dies), so the risk of us ruining your lives with a spoiler is minimal. (I can only hope.)
Prince Oberyn and The Mountain
So GRRM decided to kill of one of the most charming, charismatic, and deadly – albeit too liberal for my tastes – characters in episode 8, The Mountain and the Viper. Like most viewers, Prince Oberyn’s charm was too much to resist for me, and the fact that he stood up for Tyrion (although his main quest was to get revenge for his sister’s death) just added to his appeal.

While book readers knew the outcome from the get go, actually seeing Prince Oberyn fly and dance as he fought The Mountain was something else. And, witnessing his death was, well, horrific.

How did you react? I know I wouldn’t want anyone to see my face while I was watching that scene, but here’s a compilation of reactions to the Prince Oberyn and The Mountain fight’s conclusion. Some of them may be “scripted”, but man, some of them are just plain hilarious simply because schadenfreude.

Funny or not? One thing I know, you want more Game of Thrones, so here you go:

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