Have More Interesting Showers with These Twin Peaks Shower Curtains

Twin Peaks shower curtains

Twin Peaks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those who appreciate the TV show will defend and laud it to high heavens. If you’re a member of its cult fan base, then you will want to change your shower experience with these Twin Peaks shower curtains. One thing’s for sure – your hygiene will be better off for it.

Pretend your shower’s Twin Peaks itself with these two.

Welcome to Twin Peaks

Of course, our favorite FBI agent.
Agent Dale Cooper

We can’t forget the star of the show.
Laura Palmer

So who killed Laura Palmer? Darned if I know. I still haven’t finished the show.

Get these Twin Peaks shower curtains for $68 each here.

Don’t forget, Twin Peaks is coming out on Blu-ray!

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