There’s More Than Meets the Eye to This Pen

Optimus Prime Pen

Of course, you know what’s coming! There might be tons of things that’s wrong with the Transformers films, but we know we still love those robots like nothing else. And, who hasn’t dreamed of having a real Transformer?

For those of us who still like using pens – you know, those things that you use to write on paper – here’s the Optimus Prime Pen, the ultimate writing tool.

Optimus Prime Pen

Optimus Prime

“Exquisitely proportioned and fully posable in 10.5cm-high robot mode, Convoy (you might know him as Optimus Prime) transforms into a stylin’ fistful of a 14.3cm-long pen” is how the makers describe this wonderful toy tool.

Coming in September, the Optimus Prime pen will cost you $34. Pricey for a pen, yes, but this isn’t just any pen!

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