This is How Real Superheroes Work Out: Watch Arrow’s Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell workout

Okay, so Stephen Amell may not be Green Arrow in real life, but I think he does a splendid job in the TV series. His inner struggles are indeed turning him into a dark Green Arrow, and it seems that we’re going to see him go even darker in the next season.

We’ve been seeing quite some talk on social media news, movie sites, and comic sites, and another detail that has been revealed – by Stephen Amell himself – is that the next season is going to be more “intimate”, whatever that means!

But this is not about that. This is about the real person behind the character, the person who actually works out so that he can pull off those stunts in the show.

Watch out for what happens at 0:33. When watching Arrow, I’ve always stared in amazement (with jaw almost on the floor) while Oliver Queen did this thing, and wow, Stephen Amell does it for real!

Girls and boys, did you drool? It’s okay. We still like y’all.

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