Star Trek Actors to Read Live for LeVar’s Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign has blown everyone’s mind with its resounding success, in spite of having 18 days left before it ends. With an initial goal of $1 million, the current backing has already reached almost $4 million!

Here’s something that will blow your mind even more, especially if you love Star Trek: Star Trek actors are going to lend their voices to four special “Rainbow Reading Live!” events, which are being held to reach the new goal of $5 million.

Reading Rainbow Star Trek Star Trek Actors to Read Live for LeVars Reading Rainbow

Yes, you’re going to see (hear) the likes of Patrick Stewart and William Shatner, among many others.

Let me correct that, you can see and hear the Star Trek actors participate in the “Rainbow Reading Live!” events if you pledge $1,200 and can go to either New York or LA to participate.

Reading Rainbow Live 930x434 Star Trek Actors to Read Live for LeVars Reading Rainbow

There are still a lot of slots left, so off you go and pledge.

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