How to Train Your Dragon Hiccup’s House is For Sale! Any Takers?

Don’t you just love how How to Train Your Dragon makes you feel better? I don’t know about you, but it’s one of those movies that just never fails to be a pick-me-upper. No matter what kind of a$$holery is going on around you.

Well, what would you give to live in the Isle of Berk, in Hiccup’s house?

If you’ve ever wanted to just go away and disappear, why not Berk? They may not have the best weather, but they do have dragons.

Did I already say dragons?

So if you’re considering such a move, here’s your chance to get into Hiccup’s house. Check out this infographic that tells you all the details you would expect from a good real estate agent.

The only problem might be the price: a whopping $144,535. Then again, we know people who have paid more for a house!

howtotraindragon How to Train Your Dragon Hiccups House is For Sale! Any Takers?

If you’re into real estate:

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